Exing Element

Who Are We?


Exing Element is a company whose main goal is design, fabrication and installation of aluminum structures and glass facades.

We are a team of hardworking engineers dedicated to manufacture the foremost aluminium façade systems and make an opening for new markets to Serbian manufacturing and construction industry.

We continuously invest in production facilities and new technologies as we recognize the importance of being innovative while having consistent quality standards.


Our advantage lies in our past.  Exing Element and EXBC, a company that manufactures and fabricates structural steel, are branches of one of the most influential construction companies in Serbia –  Exing b&p. Hence, the Exing Element, as a new addition, provides an opening for new markets and opportunities.


Our main goal is to remain a modern company which can respond to the most sophisticated requirements and high standards in the construction industry.

This vision has led to the establishment of a completely new production plant in Belgrade, which complements the production in Novi Sad.


Back office administration
Production Facility

Safety regulations

To fully accomplish any goal, safety has to be the main priority. The safe way is the only way! 

Our workers are fully supplied with safety equipment and are enforced to follow all safety regulations inculuding but not limited to: immediately report to supervisor on unsafe conditions, proper training on machinery, equipment and tools use, follow instruction on how to wear safety equipment (PPE), spills and drips are cleaned immediatelykeeping emergency exits clear, fire hazard elimination, regular work brakes. Facility workers and management follow highest safety standards, on and off site.